Goals for Long-Term Recovery from an Alcohol Addiction

Goals for Long-Term Recovery from an Alcohol Addiction

by | May 14, 2021 | Uncategorized

Once you have decided to get help and enter rehab for an alcohol addiction, you’ll want to set up long term goals. Rehab programs can provide support through many day-to-day struggles. However, you will also want to have long term goals in mind while going through a rehab program. What should the goals be for your long-term recovery?

Get a Support System in Place

Once you are in it for the long haul, it is essential to start building a support system around you. There will be hard days, whether it is tomorrow or seven months from now, so having a solid foundation in place is key. Make sure to research all the support groups in your area, reach out to your rehab center for resources, and find a sponsor you trust.

Let Go of Toxic Relationships

Sometimes when you look at the world through sober eyes, after doing the hard work of treatment, you can clearly see which relationships no longer serve you well. Do not hold on to toxic relationships. There is no reason to feel guilty for saying goodbye to people that drag you down or relationships that only cause pain and struggle.

Repair Broken Relationships

Once you have let go of the toxic relationships in your life, you can focus on repairing the ones that mean the most to you. You will probably be surprised at how willing your loved ones will be to forgive, especially once they have seen how committed you are to healing.

Pursue New Interests

You might find yourself being pulled in new directions once you have settled into sober life. Alternatively, maybe you finally feel ready to pursue the things that addiction held you back from. Whatever it may be, now is the time to forge new paths, set new goals, and celebrate the day-to-day victories of your new life.

Whether you’ve been sober for a week or five years, recovery is a lifelong process. If you would like more information on long-term goals for recovery, contact us!

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