Tools We Provide

Tools We Provide to Help You Rehab from Alcohol


Recovery is a lifelong process. So, for that reason, we never want to send someone off into the world empty-handed. During and after your treatment, it is essential to approach your recovery with the necessary tools you need to be successful. Your urges to drink will not go away, especially directly after treatment. Learning coping techniques and healthy ways to deal with the urges is key to a healthy life.


More Than Just Alcohol Avoidance


Telling you to just stay away from alcohol after treatment is not sustainable advice. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, a situation will arise when you will be around alcohol and may feel tempted. A successful aftercare plan will provide you with lifelong tools to help you cope and flourish in situations like this. You will know you are prepared for whatever life throws at you. Part of this process is learning about your personal triggers and how to deal with them.


Dealing with Stress


We all deal with stressors in our lives. But for recovering alcoholics, stressors can lead to falling on old impulses. So, we help you learn how to deal with stress in healthy ways. This looks different for everybody. The important thing is to find things that work for you. Whether that may be intensive therapy, exercise programs, yoga, or meditation – we give you the tools to explore many different options.




Eventually, you will need to deal with life’s challenges on your own. That means you will have to hold yourself accountable for your actions and decisions. While support groups, sponsors, and therapy will continue to be a part of the process – we also help teach you how to take accountability into your own hands. Lastly, we include options for your family as well. Recovery does not happen alone, and your family will need to learn tools to help you in the accountability process.

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