Alcohol Detox Program

One of the first steps to recovery can involve a detox program. This can be a challenging phase. To aid you through this process, Alcohol Rehab Center will place you in a detox unit where your body can safely manage any withdrawal symptoms. In our alcohol detox program, you will always be medically supervised. As the toxins leave your body, you may experience different uncomfortable symptoms. We offer medical intervention when necessary to ensure the detox process is as comfortable as possible.

Individualized Detox

The detoxification process is not the same for any two individuals. For some, it may take a few days to detox completely. For others, it could take a week or longer for their systems to completely purify. We want to make sure that each patient is having their physical and medical needs met during the entire process. Unnecessary pain or discomfort is counterproductive to the recovery process, so we ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

Assistance with Withdrawal Symptoms

As the alcohol leaves your body, your system goes through a withdrawal process. This withdrawal is a result of your brain trying to cope with the absence of alcohol. It can manifest in many different physical symptoms. These symptoms vary in intensity depending on the severity of the addiction and your specific system and health. Common withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, headaches, sweating, shaking, irritability, high blood pressure, and elevated heart rate. Normally, these symptoms are not life-threatening, but depending on the severity, they can become dangerous. That’s why having our trained and experienced medical staff overseeing the process is essential.

Focusing on the Now

Your only job during the detox process is to get the alcohol completely out of your system. Our staff is on hand to keep you safe, comfortable, and healthy during this stage. Only when the toxins are completely out of your system can the real work of recovery begin.

Guidance For Choosing The Best Alcohol Detox Center For You

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