Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Center

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcoholism and is looking for help, then you may benefit from an alcohol rehab center. Inpatient alcohol rehab centers are safe environments for individuals to rehab safely and effectively. Working closely with a personalized care team, individuals will undergo a variety of phases that will set them on the path to recovery from alcoholism.

Assisted Detox

One of the very first steps of the recovery process is getting the alcohol out of an individual’s system. While staying at an inpatient alcohol rehab center, they will be medically supervised the entire time they are detoxing – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our goal is to keep our guests as physically comfortable as possible as their body goes through the withdrawal process. Our medical professionals are ready to assist in any way necessary. The goal is to minimize the side effects of detoxification as much as possible.

Meeting with Our Care Team

After the detox phase is complete, it is time to plan out a treatment. Individuals meet with a dedicated care team to hash out specific needs and concerns. No two people are alike; therefore, no two recovery journeys are alike. It is essential that each treatment plan is individualized to each person.

Education and Tools

We understand that recovery is a lifelong process, so we do not send anyone away empty-handed. Part of the treatment process at an inpatient alcohol rehab center will be educating individuals on how deeply alcoholism touches every aspect of their life. It is an important part of the recovery process for individuals to understand the impact alcohol has on their relationships and well-being. We will provide effective tools to continue this important part of the process.

Post Treatment Care

After treatment is complete, we continue to provide all the care necessary to ensure each person’s recovery is successful. That may include therapy, support, and additional resources. We want every one of our guests to thrive in their sobriety, and we will do everything we can to help that happen.

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