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At Riverbank House, we offer access to the finest treatment centers in New Hampshire, providing guidance, rehab assistance, and recovery support to all individuals coping with addiction disorders and co-occurring conditions. As an addiction victim struggling with prolonged addiction, you need immediate assistance and extended care to get back on track. But what’s the ideal facility, and how to determine the top rehab centers in New Hampshire?

An integrative and holistic approach

Any respectable rehabilitation facility should provide integrative treatment and holistic healing support for as long as possible. Our NH alcohol treatment centers ensure a multidisciplinary approach functioning based on holistic principles. Holistic healing states that an integrative form of treatment is the best for addressing advanced substance addictions. The goal is to identify and treat physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues linking to prolonged substance abuse for a well-rounded recovery experience.

  • Some of the procedures and modalities available during our holistic treatment include:
  • Regular group recreational activities for community bonding and physical and mental rejuvenation
  • Yoga and guided meditation classes, teaching emotional balance and spiritual enlightenment
  • Improved and balanced nutritional habits
  • Access to numerous local amenities (12-step meetings, hiking trails, soccer fields, fishing spots, recreation and gaming centers, etc.)
  • Extensive mental health services, etc.

This holistic approach is part of the foundation of our best long-term addiction programs in New Hampshire, teaching patients responsibility, honesty, balance, and healthy living.

Comprehensive rehabilitation

The rehabilitation process is more intricate and takes more time than people would like to believe. Addiction victims seek fast and easy treatment to move on with their lives, while the majority of rehab facilities are happy to oblige since it’s easy money. In the end, both parties lose because short inpatient treatments are unreliable in the long run, causing recovering addicts to relapse and rehab centers to gain a bad reputation for being ineffective.

The ideal facility should focus on more than the minimum inpatient care. Our center prioritizes inpatient services along with prolonged care and assistance as part of an extended care program. Our core goal is to assist patients with successful social reintegration, helping them remain sober, healthy, and stable over the years. This is the best approach to rehab and the reason why our drug and alcohol rehab center ranks so high in the rehab industry.

High-end amenities

Your comfort and peace of mind during rehab will make a huge difference in the long run. Our NH drug and alcohol rehab center offers access to numerous high-end amenities, providing patients with recreation, comfort, peace of mind, and a thriving feeling of becoming part of a community.

These include a fully-equipped yoga studio, comfortable rooms with large screen TVs, house libraries, swimming pool, river access with kayaks and fishing gear, Xbox, etc. These amenities are part of our team’s efforts of making our treatment centers in New Hampshire your home for a long time.

If you’re interested in what Riverbank House has to offer, contact our team of experts at 877-533-9115. You can make an appointment for clinical investigation as soon as you’re ready and join our rehab program for a unique and transformative recovery experience.

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