Article provided by: Omega Recovery

Treatment Centers In Austin

Omega Recovery has been serving as a beacon of light in Austin for years now, as our youth and adults alike are being caught in the throes of addiction like never before! Opioids, fentanyl, alcohol, and other substances are grabbing ahold of our neighbors and destroying homes and communities at astounding rates! Even the marijuana of today is extremely addictive, as the cannabis of today makes the ditch weed of the 1970s look like grass - literally. Today, many cannabis strains are north of 30% in THC content, which is as much as a lot of hashish (a marijuana concentrate)! What's the point? The drugs of today seem to be more powerful and more potent than ever, and with more and more people becoming addicted to substances, the problem is also becoming larger than ever!

Omega Recovery is a Full-Service Addiction Treatment Center in Austin

One of the great things about Omega Recovery is that we can move a patient from residential inpatient treatment in our rehab facility to our sober living homes, or we can take them from residential treatment to outpatient treatment. We can also start them at outpatient if doing so is appropriate. We offer the entire gamut of treatment services at Omega Recovery, and there aren't any other addiction treatment centers in Austin that can provide the entire spectrum of care that we do.

Omega Recovery can offer 30, 60, or 90 days of residential inpatient treatment, depending on the patient's need for care. Our safety and clinical capabilities can be compared with even the largest rehabilitation facilities, but our patients don't have to feel like a number here. Instead, they experience care in an environment that feels like home.

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

One of the things that our patients appreciate most about Omega Recovery is our program schedule, which is one of the most comprehensive - if not the most comprehensive - in Austin. Omega Recovery provides the perfect balance of 12-Step foundation and newer treatment modalities that are evidence-based. Our patients get the best of traditional recovery and modern, scientific recovery.

Our patients wake up in the morning, make their own beds, and eat breakfast, just like at home. We also have a meditation group in the morning that helps everybody started on the right foot each day. Omega Recovery also offers a slew of on-premises and off-premises activities that help people to enjoy life sober. Recovery isn't only about getting sober and staying sober; it's about learning how to cope with life on life's terms and finding yourself again.

Let Us Help You In Your Journey

At Omega Recovery, our job is to provide our patients with the tools, education, and resources that they need to become more self-aware and to stay clean from drugs and alcohol long after they leave our treatment center. In here is where the battle starts. Out there is where the battle gets real! We will do our best to set each patient up for success, but ultimately, it's up to the patient to put the tools, armament, and resources that we provide them with to work.