Sober Companions San Francisco

Sober Companions San Francisco

For many people, going home after rehabilitation is an experience to dread. You’ll have to separate yourself from the friends you used to hang out with and activities you previously enjoyed. Doing these creates a longing for companionship that will beg to be filled. But because you still run the risk of relapse, you have to be careful with your choice of friends or confidant. Our sober companions in San Francisco have ample experience helping people transition smoothly into life after rehabilitation. And we have no doubt you’ll benefit greatly by hiring their sober companion support services.

Who is a sober companion?

Sober companion and coaches are specially trained individuals whose job description involves supporting people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. They work with individuals to help them resist post-rehabilitation pressures and maintain their sobriety. Depending on the specific situation, the work of a California sober companion may entail:

  • Staying with the recovering client
  • Searching their house for substances of abuse
  • Deterring contact with friends perceived as negative influences
  • Monitoring their movement to ensure they do not visit places that may trigger a relapse

Usually, sober companions are recovering addicts themselves. However, they would have spent many years on the sobriety journey. So, they have a deep understanding of what the client may be passing through.

What are the types of sober companions in San Francisco?

Depending on the arrangement, there are three broad types of sober companions and coaches. They include:

Live-in: This category of sober companions in San Francisco are specialists that provide both emotional and physical support by living with the client. They are fully involved with the client’s life, and they give the most active forms of intervention.

On-call: This arrangement is suitable for people who need a California sober companion but cannot afford a live-in companion. They are available on-demand and can provide help over the phone or by visiting.

Escort-based: Escort-based California sober coaches help recovering clients by driving them around and talking to them about recovery. They are mostly used by people who must attend social gatherings but are still at risk of slipping into their old habits.

How do you choose the right sober companion?

The success of sober companionship heavily leans on your choice of San Francisco sober coach. Usually, we advise hiring a sober companion through regulated treatment centers as this lends your choice some credibility and trust. You can also meet more than one person and see how well you connect with them before making a final decision. And if you realize that they’re not suitable for you, it’s better to reverse your decision as soon as you can.

Contact the leading California sober companion service providers

Are you looking for competent and reliable sober companions in San Francisco? You need not look beyond the professionals at The Plan Case Management. As specialist sober companion services providers, we have a host of sober companions that are dedicated to helping clients transition into their regular lives. Call us on (805) 335-4646 to schedule an appointment.

Sober Companions San Francisco

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