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Recovery House Austin

If you’re getting ready to join a substance rehab program, you must know that you need reliable follow-up support. At Harmony Haus, we have built the perfect recovery house in Austin just for people like you.

How effective is drug addiction treatment?

The rehab treatment is vital for overcoming the withdrawal and breaking the vicious cycle of addiction. During the rehab, you will also receive therapy and emotional support, allowing you to regain your self-control and become more positive and confident. But there is one aspect that the rehab treatment isn’t very effective at – social reintegration.

Sure, you will receive plenty of education, job profile advice, aftercare, and life skills support. But theory alone can’t prepare you for successful social reintegration. Many patients return to their old habits soon after leaving the rehab facility, which will deem the treatment a failure. This is where sober living homes shine.

Sober homes are transitional housing systems that function as an extension of the rehab treatment. Here, you will enter an extensive recovery and accommodation program that offers living conditions closer to a home than a hospital setting. It represents a critical stage in the recovery process and one that will set you on the right path shortly.

What are the benefits of sober living houses?

Sober living houses are critical components in the recovery process. As a victim of substance addiction, your only chance at salvation comes in the form of advanced rehab treatment. The duration of the treatment will vary, depending on the severity of your disease, and the longer it lasts, the lower the chances of relapse in the long run.

Our recovery house in Austin offers something you can’t get in your ordinary rehab facilities – a feeling of community and belonging in a welcoming, home-like environment. During your stay, you will follow a strict program of recovery, consisting of therapy meetings, periodic drug tests, and counseling sessions. The benefits will appear shortly:

  • Improved mental stability and emotional strength
  • Higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Better social skills
  • Improved self-control and determination, etc.

If you’ve completed your rehab treatment, or you’re about to, contact us and we’ll set you for a sober living experience at our recovery houses! For your future wellbeing, you shouldn’t ignore this opportunity!

How do you prevent a relapse?

If you’ve completed your rehab, but fear you might relapse after returning home, contact us and join our sober living program in Austin! Sober living homes are transitional elements between the rehab treatment and getting back home. To prevent relapsing even after completing the rehab, you must receive prolonged mental and emotional support.

We believe that recovering from addiction is a never-ending process that will last for a lifetime. At our recovery house in Austin, we teach responsibility, confidence, honesty, and determination as core features of a true survivor. And you are one; you just need to realize that yourself. Come to Harmony Haus, and we’ll give you the key to the life you’ve always dreamed about!

Recovery House Austin
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