Outpatient Mental Health Facilities Near Me

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities Near Me

As the internet's top search result for outpatient mental health facilities near me, LIDO Wellness Center has touched the lives of hundreds of people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders. Our integrated treatment approach, customized recovery plans, and evidence-based therapies can help you lead a healthy and happy life in the long term.

Our Facility

Located in Newport Beach, California, our PTSD and trauma treatment facility offers a breathtaking ocean view. Our trauma facility provides the perfect ambiance for self-introspection, healing, and recovery. We are one of the few trauma treatment facilities in Orange County with spacious rooms, friendly staff, top-notch technology, innovative therapies, and other modern amenities.

We create a home-like environment for our clients to help them feel relaxed and safe as they try to break free from their mental health challenges. We also provide a tasteful and comfortable housing option that allows our clients to stay close to our mental health facility, reducing their stress and saving them time in the process. Our housing option can offer more convenience and contribute to an immersive recovery experience.

Our PHP Treatment Program

Rated among the top trauma and PTSD treatment centers, we offer three primary levels of care - Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Outpatient transitional care.

Our PHP program aims to enhance personal behavioral health goals by introducing you to a community of integrated resources. PHP treatment is the best recovery option for those suffering from a moderate to severe mental disorder. It offers a safe environment for you to learn and practice skills, target unhelpful patterns, and improve emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships. PHP programs engage clients in therapy from 9 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday. Our PHP program lasts for four weeks and encompasses the following modules:

  • Two individual psychotherapy sessions per week
  • Weekly psychiatric consultation and medication management
  • Family and couples therapy
  • Weekly medical consultation with a registered nurse
  • Group therapy for process orientation and emotion regulation skills
  • Psychoeducation
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Psychodrama

All our treatment programs offer individualized and culturally relevant care and support to those diagnosed with a mental disorder. Our PHP program has the highest success rate and can help you attain holistic recovery from your mental health disorder.

Advantages Of Outpatient Mental Health Treatment

Signing up for an outpatient PTSD treatment program can help you attend therapy without having to leave your job, loved ones, or home behind. Our outpatient program lasts for four weeks after your discharge from PHP/IOP treatment and offers the following benefits:

  • It is much cheaper than residential, IOP, or PHP treatment as it does not include the cost of medications, accommodation, or food.
  • Outpatient treatment allows you to keep your mental health treatment discreet. You only have to attend outpatient therapy for 1-2 hours a day, and you can schedule these sessions at a time more convenient to you.

The outpatient treatment causes minimal disruption to your everyday life. You can manage your work and family commitments alongside attending outpatient PTSD treatment in Orange County. Your neverending search for the best outpatient mental health facilities near me ends here. Get in touch with us at 949-541-8466 to join LIDO Wellness Center. Our dedicated clinicians can guide you toward your wellness goals one day at a time and help you have a safe, speedy, and sustainable recovery.

Outpatient Mental Health Facilities Near Me

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