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Orange County Drug Rehab Centers

Why Not all Orange County Drug Rehab Centers Are Equipped for Long-Term Sobriety:

If you or a loved one are currently looking at treatment for addiction, it’s important that you recognize, not all facilities offer the same services, and not all have success rates to boast about. At Ocean Hills Recovery, the results they have achieved speak for themselves. You can expect the highest level of care while being treated for drug or alcohol addiction. It starts with detox at one of the leading Orange Country drug rehab centers: Ocean Hills Recovery.

Even when an addict makes the conscious decision to seek help for addiction, their body doesn’t necessarily want to accept treatment to the same degree. The body will remain under the influence of drugs for some time, making detox a necessary step in treatment. Once the brain and the body are moving forward together and aligned to accept treatment, the real work can begin.

Detox from drugs is intense and physically painful and demanding. For this reason, the detox process should be managed under medical supervision and in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. If you’ve decided to detox at home or at a friend or family member’s home, you’ll most likely find all of your effort and discomfort will have been in vain, since less than 5% of those who detox outside of a treatment facility are successful. That’s why it’s so important to be admitted into a treatment center, like Ocean Hills Recovery.

The staff at OHR has become increasingly aware that co-occurring disorders are common in those who seek treatment for addiction. For this reason, Ocean Hills Recovery is committed to providing dual diagnosis treatment that takes the entire individual’s needs into consideration during treatment- not just the physical aspects of addiction. Through Collaborative Recovery efforts, OHR incorporates assistance from therapists, physicians, family members, and even the community to create what they call a ‘cushion of safety’ that allows greater healing for the individual. To learn more about Collaborative Recovery, feel free to call 866-303-444.

Since almost every psychological condition is accompanied by addiction to drugs and alcohol, Ocean Hills Recovery takes seriously their efforts to treat patients through dual diagnosis. If you or a loved one has tried a traditional treatment method that has failed, it may be that an underlying condition has gone undiagnosed. Simply living with a disorder, such as bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD, Anxiety depression or another personality disorder can lead to the use of drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism.

Call Ocean Hills Recovery now and see firsthand why they are considered one of the top Orange County drug rehab centers in treating addiction. Pick up the phone and call 866-303-2444 or connect right over the website for your convenience. You’ll find a caring and helpful staff is ready to answer your questions, help you get admitted into treatment, or provide information on whether your insurance plan will pick up the payments.

Orange County Drug Rehab Centers