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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Dually diagnosed people have it much worse than those with simple substance abuse. Simply because, on top of the addiction itself, they have to deal with emotional trauma as well. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona aims to heal this co-occurring disorder from the root. Come to Soul Surgery and start doing rehab now.

What is a co-occurring disorder?

It is a condition encompassing a form of substance addiction, along with additional mental health issues. Both are equally dangerous, and we address them as being part of the same illness. Otherwise, while healing one part of the problem and leaving the other untouched, the patient will relapse shortly after the treatment.

At our treatment centers, we focus on healing dual diagnosis through two procedures – Medication-Assisted Treatment and MedSpa Holistic Treatment. The two methods, one scientific and one spiritually inclined, touch upon the two core problems of the disorder. Psychotherapy works wonders as well, being of immense help to dually diagnosed patients with severe psychological issues.

The best rehab treatment

Our treatment for patients suffering from dual diagnosis has one goal in mind – an efficient and comfortable approach. We provide you with excellent housing expenses, based on the specific program you choose – Inpatient or Residential Treatment. The latter is much more comfort-oriented, but the costs are slightly higher as well.

The dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona is among the few that deal with co-occurring disorders efficiently and exhaustively. Other rehab institutions often ignore one part of the problem and focus exclusively on the other. Thus, a patient can escape the substance addiction, but the psychological trauma is still there. In all truth, this isn’t a complete rehabilitation but a partial and half-assed one.

The dangers of substance abuse

There are far more dangerous aspects of substance abuse than mere addiction. Whenever you attempt quitting your addiction, your body will always react negatively. For this reason, most victims of addiction fail to regain their physiological freedom on their own. 

Withdrawal can often lead to emotional instability and a variety of problems like eating and mood disorders, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc. Our rehab team is aware of these dangers, which is why you will get the best care at our center. To avoid future complications, we advise you to contact us immediately!

What is the best dual diagnosis treatment?

Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Arizona is ideal for all forms of addiction, along with a multitude of co-occurring disorders. We combine MAT procedures with holistic treatments for thorough healing of both body and mind. We leave no issue unchecked as we strive to heal the person, not the affliction.

Soul Surgery is one of the world's leading rehab institution. The many people we have helped stand as a testament to our successful treatment programs. We provide comprehensive care, advanced rehabilitation assistance, and permanent care and support. With us guiding you along the way, you will have a chance for a better life.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
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