Celebrity Rehab

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Celebrity Rehab

The first and most important step in seeking treatment for yourself or a loved one is recognizing that you need professional help. The next important step is finding the perfect rehab center. When it comes to celebrities, finding the perfect rehab center goes beyond simply healing, it also extends to security and privacy.

When considering celebrity rehabilitation centers, you have to take into consideration professionals that will see beyond the glamour of the personality. You need experts that will understand that they are just another individual who needs just as much love and care as anyone else.

Other things to take into consideration include:


We offer a twelve-week program of intensive outpatient that is tailored to individual needs. Here, considering the status of our patients, we mostly offer an intensive program that is completed in these three stages each:

  • Stage 1

This stage is the foundation of the healing process. It consists of more group therapy and includes individual therapy only once a week. It will also include medical management and evaluations.

  • Stage 2

This stage will include a decrease in group therapy while maintaining individual therapy. This phase will also monitor their progress as they are introduced back into society.

  • Stage 3

This final stage sees a decrease in therapy sessions and skill optimization. You will be introduced back to your work or given the opportunity to learn new things and pursue new desires.


A lot of different facilities have varying program structures put in place to help with achieving the desired goal of a patient. We are the best rehab for celebrities because we do not only offer therapy as they have been proved to not be enough for maximum results.

Our treatment programs consist of individualized approaches that are a combination of both traditional and modern methodologies that include sessions like art and movement therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, music studio sessions, case and medical management, and a lot more certified and approved programs designed for your wholeness.


We are a celebrity rehab center located in a serene location in the beautiful city of California with the perfect ambiance for mental health care. We give you the option of our approved sober residence where you can be a part of a progressive community of people like you, searching for answers and peace.

We have built an ideal community of people and therapeutic staff members who are readily available to assist you and give you a sense of acceptance and belonging, unlike in the outside world where you feel alone and misunderstood.

Side Attractions

Asides from the formality of the recovery process, we also give room for other simple, fun, and engaging activities that help you discover new passions, find freedom and know yourself truly and completely. 

Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW. We not only care for the challenge for celebrities who have been to rehab, but we also care for their mind and hearts. You leave the center more than fully recovered, you leave whole.

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